Written by Naveen Arul | 16 February 2016


While fuel is required to run the vehicle, different lubricants form the integral life stream of vehicles that keeps them going. Raaj Unocal Lubricants Ltd (RULL) manufactures the entire range of lubrication requirements of an automobile except brake fluid, irrespective of size or segment. In conversation with MadhavRajgarhia, CEO, Raaj Unocal Lubricants Ltd, we find out about the changes in the lubrication industry, the impact of adopting newer emission norms, as well as new manufacturing techniques.
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Interview with Madhav Rajgarhia

Date: 18 Feb 2016 | Author: P.Tharyan

On products displayed at the Auto Expo

The highlights for us this year is Lubistrands and Oil Detac. Coming to Lubistrands, we have developed a lubricant which defies gravity, defies stickiness, there is complete lubrication inside the engine, and this is targeted at heavy commercial vehicles and stationary engines which are not all weather engines but are running say six months in a year. The oil falls into the sump and the engine is susceptible to rust and oxidation.  The oil has strands as a result of which there is complete lubrication inside the system.  This is one technology we are show casing.

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