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Rolling Wheels Bikers Club is a India Government Registered [Reg. No. – S/1L/76897] MOTORCYCLE TOURING CLUB in KOLKATA (INDIA) for people who carry the passion for Traveling on their Motorcycles. The club members carry a legacy of traveling in India as well as Abroad since the Seventies. With changing time and lives, what hasn’t changed is the PASSION FOR MOTORCYCLE TOURING.

Rolling Wheels Bikers Club in Kolkata (India) was formed in the year 2005 with a dream to Unite all Motorcycle lovers and Touring individuals under a single biking club so as to encourage & facilitate Motorbike Traveling amongst people. There are various leading T.V. channels and Newspapers, which cover our tours, maybe because as we roll, news gets created.

Join us to Join the Passion.

Happy Rolling…



A Multi – Brand Automotive Service Centre run by veteran Motorsports Professionals, with emphasis on quality workmanship and committed to performance.

A professional enviornment set up by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, whether its the upkeep of your daily office commute or your weekend fun car which you no longer want to maintain at the authorised service centre because of the exhorbitant bills handed to you. SpeedSport is here to cater to each and every category of customer.

Withover a decade of realtime motorsport experience at the top level in India and still going strong SpeedSport is happy to pass on to you what it has learnt over the years, whether from under the hood or from the drivers seat.

The reason SpeedSport was formed was like any enthusiast we wanted to be able to look after our set of wheels as best as we could, both visually and mechanically.But found it tough to consistently be satisfied with the workmanship we were billed for.

At the SpeedSport we have no false pretenses, if what you desire we are not confident of delivering ourselves then we get it done for you by the best in the business. over the years we have the goodwill in the market to do so.

This good will has also enabled us to tie up with the best vendors and specialists in the country and abroad to bring to you world class products .

Lastly we at SpeedSport come from the school of thought where we prefer not to get into the number game (max bhp,horsepower etc.) drivability and reliabilty are most important to can have 500horsepower but it is of no use if you can’t get to use it/enjoy it.