Quality Control

The following machinery and Equipments and the expertise of our Lab Technicians ensures the quality of the product being supplied in the market.

“Where the brand is Unocal is high standards Is a pre-requisite”

  1. Muffle Furnace
  2. Cannon Cold Cranking Simulator
  3. 76 Mobile Lab
  4. Heating Coil for Flash Point Measurement
  5. Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate
  6. TBN Machine
  7. Analytical Balance
  8. ASTM Color Apparatus
  9. Karl Fisher Tritator
  10. Cleave Land Open cup
  11. Ovens
  12. Muffle Furnace
  13. Ph Meter
  14. Kinematic Viscosity Bath (100c and 40c)
  15. Flash Point Closed
  16. Pour Point tester
  17. Potentiometric Titration
  18. Carbon Residue Don A Balance
  19. Foaming Bath
  20. Gear Oil Testing Machine
  21. Movable TBN machine