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Unocal 4T Proactiv 10W-30 is blended from superior quality high viscosity index base oils and specially selected performance additives to provide excellent protection for engine, gearbox and wet clutch used in 4-stroke motorcycles giving three round E-C-G protection. Besides lowering the maintenance cost, Unocal 4T PROACTIV 10W-30 enhances the engine life with less wear and tear and ensures longer drain period with enhanced fuel economy.

Unocal 4T Proactiv 10W-30 is recommended for 4 Stroke Petrol Engines & aids in protection of your engine components against rust and corrosion. It is recommended for use in 4 Stroke petrol Engines of all global leading manufacturers.
Meet/ exceeds API SL and JASO MA 2 specifications.


  • Strong anti-oxidation that extends engine and oil life.
  • Provides correct friction properties required uniquely by the 4T Motorcycle.
  • Retards harmful deposit formation on vital engine parts.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Increase Fuel efficiency.

Typical physical Characteristics

Tests ACTEVO EXTRA 4T 20W-40
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 deg C 11
Viscosity Index (min) 145 Min
Specific Gravity @ 29.5 deg C 0.875
Total Base No. mg KOH/gm 7.5
Pour Point deg C Max -24
COC Flash point deg C Min 200
Sulphated Ash, % wt 0.9


Health and Safety

These oils are not hazardous under normal conditions of use. For further guidance appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet may be referred.

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