UNO COMP 320 Oils

These oils are specially developed based on highly refined mineral oils and an ashless additive for both reciprocating &  rotary compressor lubrication under prolonged high temperature and load conditions.


These oils are recommended for the lubrication of rotors, bearings and gears in rotary compressors and also used for either normal or severe duty lubrication of reciprocating and rotary air compressors where air discharge temperatures may go up to 220 deg C.


  • Have very good demulsibility property allows condensation to readily separate from the oil, minimising the risk of blockage of oil separator element.   
  • Possess very low carbon forming tendency.
  • Provides good thermal stability.
  • Completely protected against corrosion which enables protection while operated under humid condition.
  • Low deposit forming tendencies extends oil change intervals and provides longer air filter life leads to low maintenance cost.
  • Excellent coalescing properties leading to least carry over of oil in the air stream.

Typical physical Characteristics

TestsUno comp 320
AppearanceBright, Clear
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 deg C320.8
Viscosity Index (min)97
Specific Gravity @ 29.5 deg C (T)0.892
Pour Point deg C Max-6
COC Flashpoint deg C Min245

Health and Safety

These oils are not hazardous under normal conditions of use. For further guidance appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet may be referred.

Available Size:

210L, 50L, 26L