UNO KLEARCUT is a soluble cutting oil broadly used in machine shops as a multifunctional cutting fluid. The unique formulation of ACTEVO UNO KLEARKUT imparts cooling and lubricate the point of contact of the tool and the work piece.


UNO KLEARCUT is recommended for metals (except Aluminum and  Magnesium) where maximum cooling is desired when cutting with carbon, high speed steel.

UNO KLEARCUT is extensively used in milling, drilling, gear cutting, turning, shaping, sawing and grinding operations.

UNO KLEARCUT is typically diluted in water/oil ratios ranging from 10:1 to 50:1.

Always add oil to water to avoid sticky invert emulsion which do not emulsify properly in water. UNO KLEARCUT provides in-process corrosion protection.


UNO KLEARCUT soluble cutting oil delivers value through
  • Excellent emulsion even with hard water
  • Good rust protection for steel work and machined parts.
  • Maximized cooing by metal wetting & chip settling.
  • Possibility of sump flow over minimized due to minimal foaming.
  • Good storage stability
  • Good ability to control bacterial growth and bad odors.


IS 1115:1986 (Reaffirmed March 2018).


CharacteristicsMethodTypical Value
AppearanceVisualLight to medium Brown
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C,MinASTM D 44520cSt
COC Flash Point °C, MinASTM D 92150
Emulsion Test in 400 ppm hard water (as CaCo3) for 24hrsIS 1448, P-630.1 ml oil & 0.2 ml cream
Frothing Test in 200 ppm hard water (as CaCo3)IS 1448, P-99No froth after 15 mins
Cast Iron Corrosion test, 20:1 emulsion in 400 ppm hard water (as CaCo3)IS 1448 Appendix A0/1-1
Copper strip corrosion test at 100°C for 3 hrs.IS 1448, P-151a
Available Size:

210L, 50L, 26L