Slow Speed Two-stroke Diesel Engine oil

UNO MARINE UNIVERSAL 5100 oil has been specially developed for lubrication of slow speed 2 stroke Tier II & Tier III engines using high sulphur residual diesel fuel. UNO MARINE UNIVERSAL 5100 is a 100 Base Number cylinder lubricant specially formulated to combat the effects of cold corrosion in two-stroke marine engines equipped with exhaust abatement technologies running on heavy fuel oil, under all loads and operating conditions.


UNO MARINE UNIVERSAL 5100is recommended for lubricating the cylinders of the latest generation large low-speed marine diesel engines equipped with exhaust abatement technologies operating with heavy fuel oil, under all loads and corrosive operating conditions. UNO MARINE UNIVERSAL 5100 should be used in accordance with OEM guidelines and recommendations


Conforms SAE 50 Viscosity grade. Suitable for use in low speed two stroke diesel engines manufactured by leading OEMs like Wartsila,MAN, Sulzer, MHI  etc. covering all the prevailing models.


  • Effective acid neutralization ensures protection against excessive cylinder liner and piston ring wear resulting from the use of high sulphur heavy fuel oils, thus extending cylinder liner and piston ring life
  • Prevents ring sticking and minimizes deposit formation on the pistons and throughout the combustion chamber exhaust areas.
  • Miscible and compatible with diesel cylinder lubricants generally known to the international marine trade.

Typical physical Characteristics

TESTSTypical Values
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 deg CMin : 17.0 Max : 20.0
Viscosity Index (min)95
Specific Gravity @ 29.5 deg C0.890
Total Base No. mg KOH/gm100
Pour Point deg C Max-9
COC Flashpoint deg C Min230

Health and Safety

These oils are not hazardous under normal conditions of use. For further guidance appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet may be referred.

Available Size:

210L, 50L, 26L