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Private label & custom blending

Acknowledged as the most reliable and trusted private-label lubricant partner for more than 2 decades, UNOCAL focuses on a partnered process that gives you the edge it takes to succeed. We have been blending and selling lubricants for more than 25 years and have in-depth knowledge and know-how of the process making us the expert in the domain. Over the years, the continuous R&D, application of new tools, and adapting to new technology has made us indispensable with OEM & branded lubricants

Using the latest in blending technology and modern ISO-Certified facility, lubricants are computer-blended to precise specifications and with exceptional consistency. Whether a blend is made to standard, custom, or military specifications, our process controls assure every batch meets rigid blend specifications.

Give your customers more reasons to buy from you. Your privately blended and labeled products offer your customers multiple benefits:

  • Greater freedom of choice from one-stop-shop
  • Complete range of products that caters to every specific need
  • Standard quality with better savings and value, or superior quality at competitive
    or slightly higher price depending on the marketing approach
  • Products that they can buy with confidence, so the customers stop comparing, and simply continue buying from you

By providing these benefits, you may:

  • Build brand awareness by displaying your name and image on your line of exclusive products
  • Attract new customers and strengthen the relationship with existing ones
  • Guarantee customer loyalty and ensure they buy your products repeatedly over the years

Private labeling offers you a competitive edge, helps you gain a larger market share over existing, and grow your business multifold.

Standard mould designs and range we offer

We have a trusted container developing partner to support our seamless production. It gives us the advantage of offering a wide range of standard mold designs and even custom designs based upon individual brand requirements.

Small sized moulds

Medium sized moulds

Buckets, Pails and bulks