UNO Trio

UNO TRIO is an ash-less, smoke-free, high-performance multi-grade GAS ENGINE OIL, specially formulated to handle the excessive heat generation in gas engines and keeps the engine cool throughout the service period to derive the optimum performance out of the engine. Suitable for use in gas engines of all leading 3 Wheeler manufacturers like Bajaj, TVS, Mahindra, Atul Motors, etc., UNO TRIO keeps your 3 Wheeler’s engine ahead of its game with maximum fuel economy and ultimate protection.

Formulated to give you the maximum advantage, UNO TRIO goes through a painstaking process of Research and Development in our state-of-the-art production facility. The excellent Ash Control Technology in the oil ensures that your engine is clean and runs like a new one, all the time. Choose from the arsenal of products and let your 3 Wheeler be the object of envy for others.