Why Unocal


All engine oils, lubricants, greases, and allied products of UNOCAL 76 bear the hallmark of unparalleled quality. These products also bring with them the unique legacy of research and innovation that has kept our products ahead of the competition. Some of the other reasons why UNOCAL 76 products are most sought after by peers and patrons alike are:

  • Highly technologically advanced patented blending techniques such as the AIR PURGING TECHNOLOGY not available with any close competitors in the industry. Also the fully automated blending plant, guarantees zero exposure to human touch and environment
  • In-house R&D laboratory fully equipped with state-of-the-art research and testing equipment as per the latest ASTM standards
  • Customised lubricating solutions developed as per specific requirements of customers and institutions
  • Equipped with on-site testing mobile laboratories which are capable of demonstrating accurate results to customers, on-site, thereby providing yet another step towards customer education and commitment to quality
  • The trust and legacy of an erstwhile fortune 500 company
  • Credited to serve few of the most renowned lubricant brands in the world such as SERVO, EXXON MOBIL and TOTAL lubricants as their authorised blenders
  • 7th largest plant in terms of captive capacity available at a single location
  • Stringent quality control procedure wherein products are tested by ARAI testing laboratory ARL. Moreover, quality check of in-coming raw materials to guarantee superiority of final products
  • Additives, base oils, VI improvers are sourced from the most trusted and reputed multinationals
  • Approved OEM for leading brands such as Hindustan Motors, Mitsubishi, ACE, Atul Auto among others